About our nursery


Originally trading under the name of Olea Nursery which was first established in 1957 in Cannington, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. The production of olive trees was our first crop, and on that account the nursery was named “Olea”, the botanical name of the genus in which the olive tree belongs to. Soon after, we began propagating other fruit species, ornamental trees and roses. In 1966 the entire operation was moved to a 200 ha property in Manjimup, in the south west of Western Australia.


Our second nursery was established in Waroona in 1996, still trading under the name of Olea Nursery, exclusively for the purpose of maintaining the selection of olive varieties accumulated over the years, to evaluate their performance and the propagation of them. The disparity of climate and soil conditions that exist between the two properties gives us an opportunity to observe and evaluate each cultivars behaviour. Recently we have undergone some changes at our nursery in Waroona and have changed the trading name to Mission Horticulture. While still first and foremost propagators of olive trees and roses we have begun to expand our range of exotic ornamental plants. We have included Hibiscus and Bougainvilleas to our range and have secured the license to grow ‘Bambino Bougainvilleas’ and the ‘Eclipse’ range of Zonal Geraniums and Pelargoniums. We hope to further expand our range in the future.


We have been in the business of propagating fruiting and other plants for many years, olives in particular. Over those years we have constantly sought to improve propagation and production methods. Propagation material is taken from our own mother trees located at the nursery. Having these mother trees close by is a critical part of our propagation, this way we can ensure trees sold are true to type and we can evaluate their performance, watch over them and maintain they are healthy and free from any pests and disease. Maintainence of these trees is one of the most important jobs we have at the nursery.