Usage: Oil

Coratina is a cultivar originating in the province of Bari, Italy. In Italy Coratina is also known as Racioppa di Corato. A very popular variety in its home country, Coratina adapts itself to a variety of growing conditions. Iit has shown considerable resistant to cold conditions and equally as well to hot dry climates.


Not a vigorous tree, growth habit is spreading and fruiting branchlets are small and short. The leaves are elliptic – lanceolate and narrow, medium in size, light green on the top of the leaf and silver grey underneath. The flowers are born in an average cluster of around 20. They are well spread and long and the fruit is long ovate-isometric with a weight of above 3 grams with the stone medium in size. The fruit ripens late in the season.


Coratina is infertile and should be planted alongside other varieties. It produces early in its life and will bear high yields constantly. The oil is of a high quality, high in polyphenols and has a strong flavour. The fruits can be processed as green pickling olives. A highly recommended variety, worthwhile including in every olive grove.