Rose Varieties - Delbard

Couture Collection

Carmagnole France Libre
Name: Carmagnole
Pink/Cream Blend
Description: A floribunda shrub rose. The plant has a bushy growth and is very hardy. The blooms are all over the bush with clusters of ivory with pink on the edges of the petals, the petals are ruffled and very pretty. Repeat flowering.
Name: Celine Delbard
Pink/Orange Blends
Description: Large delicate semi double blooms of salmon pink orange blends with silvery undersides. Height 120cm.
Name: France Libre
Description: A hardy bush to 120cm in height, the foliage is deep green. The blooms are a luminous fiery orange colour that are very striking and good for cutting. Repeat flowering.
Grand Nord Le Rouge Et Le Noir  
Name: Grand Nord
Description: Elegant stems and buds and classic shaped white blooms. The bush is strong and upright to a height of 130cm. Repeat flowering.
Name: Le Rouge Et Le Noir
Description: Deep red double blooms with velvety black tones. A tall upright bush to 120cm with glossy green leaves. Repeat flowering.