Usage: Table

This variety is considered to be the best black olive cultivar for processing. Originating in Greece it is now the main cultivar for table olives in its native country and now all over the world. The Kalamata olive is a very highly recommended variety.


Kalamata is a strong tree, upright growing habit with a dense canopy. Its leaves are large, flat and soft in comparison to other olive varieties. Because of its distinctive look Kalamata has become a very popular choice for the home gardener. An added bonus is having a crop of olives to process at home which is exciting.


The fruit is elongated slightly bent on one side, straight on the opposite side ending sharply at the bottom. A full shinning black colour when mature, the fruit ripens late. Kalamata can also be used for oil production, although the percentage is not high. The quality of its oil is very good. Because of its low rooting ability, Kalamata is a grafted variety.