Usage: Oil

The Original cultivar was first selected out of a group of trees from a small town in Tuscany, Larciano near Pescia. Not a vigorous tree, but it is hardy and it has a globular semi upright growing habit and dense foliage. The leaves are light green on top and silvery grey underneath. Leccino has proven to be resistant to cold conditions and has a high disease resistance. Leccino bears early in its lifetime. The fruits ripen early in the season and are borne in small bunches of 3 to 7 and are of medium size, 2 to 3 grams in weight.


The fruits of this variety carry very well on the tree even past the optimum harvest time. We have noticed that although the fruit is fully black and possibly past its prime, the inside remains firm and green, a good sign for any cultivar.


The oil of Leccino is mild to taste and is sometimes blended with the stronger flavoured oils to reduce some of their strong flavour. Leccino is sterile therefore it needs a pollinator, Pendolino or Zeus is recommended.