Usage: Table

Manzanilla is the major Spanish cultivar for the production of green pickled olives. Iit is also widely grown in all the major olive growing areas in the world for table olives.

Manzanilla is a semi vigorous tree but with an untidy growing habit, it bears fruit early in its lifetime and crops heavily and consistently.


The fruits are round with a flat base like an apple, hence the name, Manzanilla, in Spanish which means ‘Little Apple’. The weight of the fruit can weight up to 5- 6 grams. The yield of the flesh is about 85% and is of high quality in flavour. The fruit is difficult to be machine harvested by shaking. Some people call Manzanilla a Dual Purpose variety, the oil is good, but percentage is low and hard to extract, therefore we recommend Manzanilla to be used as a table variety.