Usage: Oil

The new variety Minerva is a clonal selection of Leccino. With the addition of being more productive, the fruits are bigger and can reach up to 6 grams in weight. It has better machine yield, more resistance to cold (the mother tree withstood the freeze of the 1956 and 1985 Italian winters) and is able to utilize wet and cold soils. With irrigation the fruit can be used for processing black table olives.


The tree has medium vigour, globe shape with a medium density canopy. The leaves are light green on top and grey green below. The fruit is elliptic and symmetric and weigh from 3 – 6 grams and are black/purple at maturity. As with Leccino, Minerva bears its fruit early in its life. Ripening is early.


Oil characteristics are Light Fruity-Peppery. Minerva needs pollination, Pendolino or its better clone Zeus is recommended at a rate of 10%.