Usage: Oil

When Mission Horticulture began its operation near Perth in 1957 there was a reasonable demand for olive trees all over Australia. A company with large land holdings west of New Norcia in Western Australia requested an oil variety to be propagated by us. We had this cultivar that we had discovered around Perth and country W.A. including Spearwood, Bindoon and New Norcia. The people involved decided to call this tree New Norcia Mission, to us in was a Frantoio.


In Tuscany, where Frantoio originated from it has 19 synonyms. In the eastern states of Australia it is called Meditereanean and Paragon. The original trees where propagation material was first obtained are still growing and are now close to 100 years old. Trees planted in 1958-60 west of New Norcia on non irrigated sand plain are growing well and producing prize winning oil, they are big and shady and loved by many a sheep.


To describe this variety we would have to use the same description as for Frantoio. The difference is the longer period of climate adaptation in Australia. In this we have noticed a more stable genetic makeup. Imported Frantoio from Italy had to go through a selection process, some trees took longer to bear than others, with some clones from Tuscany not self fertile.


New Norcia Mission is and can be demonstrated a wonderful variety that has evolved and adapted itself to our unique environment. Sstrong and vigorous and highly recommended for particular areas of Western Australia where it has the capacity to produce an excellent quality oil.