Olives seedlings in tray


The Function of the Olive


Three distinct products are obtained from the olive fruit, oil. pickled fruit and olive paste. Some cultivars are grow exclusively for the purpose of pickling, others solely for the production of oil. Somewhere in the middle there are some cultivars referred to as Dual Purpose, suitable for oil and pickling. Some oil varieties can be used for pickling and some pickling varieties can be used for the extraction of oil. All these attributes are listed in the description of the varieties we sell.

olive tree seedling - Olea Nursery Waroona







Olive Varieties We Supply


arbequina Ascolana
barnea Barouni
coratina Olivia di cerignola
frantoio Kalamata
koronieki Manzanillo
leccino Picholine
minerva Sevillano
moraiolo UC13A6
new norcia mission Volos
zue (Pendolina Clone)