Rose Varieties - Delbard

Painters Collection

Grand Nord Henry Matisse Grand Nord
Name: Camille Pisarro
Pink/Yellow Blends
Description: Medium size bush with dark green foliage. Full blooms of red, pink, yellow and white changing from bud to bloom. Height 120cm.
Name: Henri Matisse
Pink/White Blends
Description: Sturdy large bush to 150cm in height. The blooms are large with swirling colours of raspberries, pinks and white. Scented and repeat flowering.
Name: Maurice Utrillo
Red/Yellow/White Blend
Description: Striking clusters of large double flowers borne in clusters. A healthy bushy plant it will grow to 120cm.
Red Intuition Grand Nord Grand Nord
Name: Red Intuition
Red Blends
Description: Tall gracefull buds open into Hybrid Tea shaped blooms. The colours are a melody of reds, dark rich red with slashes of bright clear red. A vigorous upright bush, continually flowering from spring until autumn the stems are long and the flowers have a long vase life. 120cm in height.