Olives seedlings in tray


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Mission Horticulture take great care to provide our customers with healthy disease free olive trees.  Our olive trees are a minimum of one year old when sold,  height varies from 60cm to 1metre high and are potted a 1 litre pot. Trees are somtimes staked with a bamboo stake wih different coloured tape for identification purposes. Mission Horticulture can arrange delivery  of trees all over Australia, trees travelling long distances are packed onto a pallet and wrapped with cling wrap.   There are no minimum order requirements.




Mission Horticulture strives to supply our customers with healthy disease free rose bushes. We only use Fortuniana rootstock  to bud our roses onto,  Fortuniana is a very hardy rootstock  and ideal for our sandy soils in western australia. The roses are potted into a 4 litre pot and are 1 -2 years old when sold.